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RI Apple Group Crate 001 Disk 042b

Identifier ri_apple_group_crate_001_disks_042b
Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.3.8
Mediatype software
Publicdate 2013-10-11 08:26:18
Addeddate 2013-10-11 08:26:18
Emulator_ext dsk
Emulator apple2ee


Disk info for disk042b.dsk:

File Name: ri_apple_group_crate_001_disks_042b/disk042b.dsk
Disk Name: /BLANK28/
Physical Size (bytes): 143360
Free Space (bytes): 139776
Used Space (bytes): 3584
Physical Size (KB): 140
Free Space (KB): 136
Used Space (KB): 3
Archive Order: DOS
Disk Format: ProDOS
Total Blocks: 280
Free Blocks: 273
Used Blocks: 7
Volume Access: Destroy Read Rename Write
Block Number of Bitmap: 6
Creation Date: -None-
File Entries Per Block: 13
File Entry Length (bytes): 39
Active Files in Root Directory: 0
Minimum ProDOS Version Required: 0
Volume Created By ProDOS Version: 0
Volume Name: BLANK28

Disk directory for disk042b.dsk:

ri_apple_group_crate_001_disks_042b/disk042b.dsk /BLANK28/
ProDOS format; 139,776 bytes free; 3,584 bytes used.


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